We work on the broad personal development that society demands

By developing innovative training courses and offering targeted support to people and organisations

Become a better version of yourself

Build sustainable networks

Deal with tomorrow's complexity consciously

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Bildung: Developing oneself to the full

We help you to actively and consciously relate to yourself, others and the world. You do this by developing your ethical, empathic, analytical and creative abilities.

You will become more self-aware, more involved and develop the ability to achieve your goals in a changing world.

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Develop yourself

What talents do you have and how would you like to use them for yourself, others and the world around you?

Our programmes give direction, depth and meaning to your personal development.

  • Don't just broaden your knowledge, learn by experiencing and doing
  • Become aware of who you are and what you want to do
  • Get out of your trusted bubble
  • Take ownership of your learning process

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Develop your organisation with Bildung

How can you focus on inner development and make a sustainable contribution to society?

We help individuals, teams and organisations to shape their personal, professional and social growth.

  • Encourage an active and rich learning process
  • Develop a growing self-awareness
  • Achieve greater social commitment
  • Reduce dropout rates among students and professionals
  • Form new communities
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Our Mission

The Bildung Academy aims to make contemporary Bildung accessible to everyone. By doing so, we want to enrich the well-being of people and society and contribute to the important social challenges of today.

We do this by developing innovative Bildung education and cooperating with organisations in education, business and the social domain.

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