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You believe in Bildung: the development of people is intrinsically valuable and essential to achieve your organization's goals. In addition to professional knowledge, this also requires qualities such as self-knowledge, connecting strength, creativity, discipline and a development-oriented mindset.

We relieve you of worries, advise and offer customized programs for the Bildung of people within your organization. 

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You believe education can be so much more. How can you get MBO, HBO, WO to learn together? How do you get students motivated to work on the challenges of the 21st century? How do you deal with assessment-driven students? What are examples of innovative Bildung education?

It is difficult to make room for these kinds of questions in a result-oriented educational culture with a high workload.

We relieve you of concerns, offer inspiration and concrete tools to renew education within your organization. Together we realize contemporary personal development and socialization.

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The public sector

How does personal development contribute to addressing social issues? What does citizenship mean in a super-diverse society? How do we build a community where developing talents is (financially) accessible to all?

We need to answer these questions for and by young people from diverse backgrounds. In our programs, they get to work on themes that affect them. This is how we work on mental well-being, diversity, inclusion, sustainability and participation.

When developing programs, we bring together the interests of various social stakeholders and businesses. We forge sustainable coalitions. 

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Sustainable businesses

As an employer, much is asked of you. Both clients and employees are looking critically at existing structures, ethical dilemmas and a healthy work culture.

How do you deal with a new generation seeking life happiness, self-actualization and social impact in their work? How do you build a solid team and allow ownership of responsibility to emerge?

Bildung enables you to attract, train and retain talented people. We offer education programs, training and coaching focused on broad personal-professional development and meeting business challenges. 

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members of bildung
members of bildung
members of bildung

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The Bildung Network

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We understand that it can be beneficial to discuss what we can do for you and your organization.

Schedule a non-binding and personal introductory meeting by clicking on an available date in the calendar. We would be happy to assist you in answering your questions.

Our vision and mission

We challenge you

In our ideal world, as many people as possible are in touch with themselves and connected to others. As a collective, they tackle personal-professional and societal challenges.

That is why we are building the university of the 21st century. The ideal image of education, learning & development, where MBO, HBO and WO come together and for every phase of your life.

We challenge you to help build. Exchange ideas and experiences together with The Bildung Network about new education and development paths that fit the challenges of our time.