Advice for organizations

Enrich, broaden and sharpen your ambitions

Working on new ways of learning and organizing comes with challenges. For example, when developing a traineeship, a bottom-up youth program or strategizing to limit the turnover of good people.

We bring our broad knowledge and experience, latest insights and practical examples to realize your organization's ambitions in short-term or long-term consulting projects.

Bildung advice in teaching, learning & development

We offer consulting in the areas of education, learning and development, strategy and organization. What could this mean for your organization?

  • a concrete vision and how to realize it in terms of learning and development;
  • forms of work & best practices to implement Bildung effectively;
  • process guidance to realize your ambitions around teaching, learning and development;
  • proper training and preparation for the professional development of yourself, your team members and employees.
The Bildung Network

Contribute to every part of the development process

Our consultants are experienced process facilitators. We advise on various issues concerning Bildung and related topics such as democratic citizenship, (mental) well-being, youth participation, employee onboarding & retention, educational innovation and blended learning.

We write, question, share expertise, spar or moderate given the developments of the project. We focus in particular on achieving and securing quality.

How we work

Bildung as an ideal, strategy, method and self-development

In our consulting projects we work with the Bildung development tool, targeted interventions and activating work forms such as Theory U, Socratic Dialogue or Design Thinking. We share our expertise and help you implement Bildung as:

Ideal & strategy

We jointly examine your vision of learning and development. What strategy is needed to realize this vision and how do we link it to your organization's objectives? How can we involve relevant internal and external stakeholders from the very beginning?

Method & method of organization

We map out what your vision and strategy requires of the organization. What practical and formal conditions must be met? And how do you make Bildung a reality in everyday teaching practice?

Your own development

We determine what your bildung ambitions demand of your team and get to work on your own development. After all, the rule for Bildung is: practice what you preach.

Some of our training offerings

Adapted to current organizational issues

people of bildung


The art of storytelling is ancient and just as relevant today. Using various techniques, teams learn to better express themselves in ways that make an impact.

members of bildung


Optimize opportunities. Determine desired and actual professionalism as a team and identify growth opportunities to perform more effectively.

members of bildung

Motivation and willpower

A scientific approach to intrinsic motivation with translation to practice. Get control of willpower and discover what you need as a team to be successful.

members of bildung


This proven preventive approach to burnout gives professionals the space to discover how their work can better match their qualities and needs.

members of bildung

Meaning and work 

Without meaning, you eventually get stuck. This training leads to a renewed energy around your work by going inward and re-focusing on what is the essence for you.

members of bildung

Improvisational ability

Professionals who are stuck: practicing improvisation can create a new flow in your team, allowing you to face challenges with new energy and fun.

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Experiences from The Bildung Network

Annemieke Rijke

Advisor | Partner Buitenboordmotor

The Bildung Academy knows how to use methods and exercises to get people to step out of their comfort zone. People who move to another sector often have to accept a lower salary. The module brought an important awareness in this.

Tanja Jadnanansing

Politician | Bildungdocent | Chairman of Amsterdam Southeast district

What I take away from my experience with The Bildung Academy is having the LEF (Listening, Empathy and Flexibility) together to think differently about how to serve our society.

Kees Spijker

Director | The New School

With the help of De Bildung Academie, we have woven Bildung into our curriculum in an even broader way. This all contributes to our goal of keeping students aware of their own role in the world.

Vinod Subramaniam

Chairman of the Executive Board of the University of Twente | Professor

What I liked about working with The Bildung Academy was the passion, commitment, innovative strength.

Tamara Beukeboom

Teacher Pedagogy | ROC van Amsterdam

From the first moment, there was connection and like-mindedness about what education should offer: giving people insight into themselves and the world around them, creating awareness and fueling social responsibility.

Joris van der Krogt

Owner | Hashtagmedia

The Bildung Academy has an open way of working. Moreover, the opinion and advice of the professionals they work with is really appreciated. We enjoy working together and hope to do so for many years to come!

Ahlem Taboubi


Everyone involved in The Bildung Academy has a love for Bildung and a common goal of providing young people with knowledge and self-development. Because of the common goal, you are willing to give your all and collaborations run smoothly.

Laurens Nooren

Bildungdocent | Partner | Remind Learning

The Bildung Academy offers space and reflection to students in a context where scarcity and choice stress is the norm.

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The Bildung Network

Knowledge and experience from different fields

Personal-professional and societal challenges require cooperation across the boundaries of different disciplines. That is why we join forces with people and organizations in The Bildung Network. We move in education, science, the arts, the public sector and sustainable business.

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Personal and non-committal

Plan introduction

We understand that it can be nice to spar about what we can do for you and your organization.

Schedule a personal, no-obligation meeting by clicking on an available date in the calendar. Then we'll be happy to help answer your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your rates?

The Bildung Academy realizes consulting projects of varying size and intensity (from one or a few sessions to long-term collaborations). Together we look at what is possible within your available budget. We work with a fixed price or hourly rate. The rate we determine together depends on the complexity, size and duration of the advisory process.

What approaches and methods do you use?

We start with a one-time starting session in which we inspire and identify the right starting question and goals together. The starting session can also be used for a Bildung zero measurement: together we look at where you are now.

We elaborate our advice with targeted interventions and activating work forms such as Theory U, Socratic Dialogue, Design Thinking. In this process we always use the Bildung Development tool: an instrument with which we determine together the main Bildung opportunities, challenges and next steps.

What questions & topics can I come to you with?

We advise on questions about education, learning and development. Issues about Bildung and related themes such as democratic citizenship, (mental) well-being, youth participation, (personal) leadership, life- and 21st century skills, onboarding & retention of (young) employees, meaning, educational innovation, blended learning, student ownership, opportunity equality and personal-professional development.

Based on our knowledge and experience, we help with the (further) development of training, learning paths, and traineeships for young people, young professionals, teachers and trainers.

What is Bildung?

Bildung is actively, consciously, and ethically relating to your inner self, others, and the world. It represents the ideal that people develop themselves as broadly and fully as possible and take on social responsibility.

We have been inspired by the ideas of classic bildungsdenkers such as Wilhelm von Humboldt (1767 - 1835) and Theodor Adorno (1903-1969), but also by contemporary thinkers such as Gert Biesta, Martha Nussbaum and Roman Krznaric.

‍Readmore about Bildung and our genesis

How long does an advisory process take?

We advise in short-term and long-term projects. From a one-time start-up session to a long-term cooperative relationship in which we collaborate from start to finish in various roles.

What does Bildung consulting benefit my organization?

We help realize Bildung in different projects and contexts. The translation of your ambition into an educational and working practice. The outcomes depend on your needs and goals. Think for example of advice in the field of;

  • A concrete vision around teaching, learning & development, and how to realize it;
  • forms of work & best practices to implement Bildung effectively;
  • a tightly organized process to achieve your ambitions around teaching, learning and development;
  • proper training and preparation for the professional development of yourself, your team members and employees.

What happens after the collaboration?

We invite organizations with whom we collaborate to The Bildung Network. A collective of people and organizations with the will to be socially responsible in connection with themselves and others. Together we build the university of the 21st century: representing the ideal of education, learning & development.

The Bildung Network means for your organization, among other things: 

  • New talent: build relationships with future employees, trainers or coaches
  • Visibility: be visible within our talent pool and business network
  • Positioning: strengthen your positioning in terms of social engagement and personal development.
  • Business network: exchange best practices, build coalitions, and leverage related opportunities

Read more about The Bildung Network here.

What is The Bildung Academy?

De Bildung Academie develops programs and offers training, coaching and consulting around personal-professional development and social responsibility. 

In our ideal world, we bring as many people as possible into contact with themselves and connect them with others. As a collective, they tackle personal and societal challenges.

That is why we are building the university of the 21st century. We do this together with The Bildung Network: a community consisting of new generations of students and (young) professionals, teachers, artists, scientists and organizations within the public sector, education and sustainable business.