Zelah Dorrestijn

Bildung coach and trainer
Psychosocial Therapist
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Professional Psychosocial Therapist and both Bildung coach and educational developer at The Bildung Academy

Zelah is a professional Psychosocial Therapist with a background in social entrepreneurship, the creative industry and higher education.

Zelah coaches on an individual level, but also provides group supervision and training. She supervises and trains the coaches of the leadership program Ambassadors of Amsterdam and provides peer and individual sessions to the students of the minor of Building the Future Together.

In addition, Zelah has coordinated the Master Year and participates in the further development of the bildung programs. In addition to her work for The Bildung Academy, she works for The Parent Phone where she trains volunteers in solution-focused conversation techniques. Finally, she has her own practice focused on personal development.

Zelah as coach: looking for what you want and what you care about

Besides believing in the cognitive development of human beings, Zelah finds the development of empathy, awareness, expression and decisiveness essential to stimulate personal and professional growth. From a deep-rooted interest, she engages in conversation with you to gain insights about yourself, allowing you to get behind deeper values and motivations.

From an inviting and safe atmosphere, Zelah proceeds with an open, direct and analytical attitude. Obstinate beliefs, deeper values or a dream for the future; through open questioning we listen to and question what you want and find important.

In several sessions you will enter into a structured adventure using different methods to find out what is needed to achieve the desired goal. But how do you make sure you can actually do something with these insights? The insights you gain about yourself are transformed into purposeful action that will bring you lasting direction, wisdom and change.

By strengthening your self-insight, increasing confidence and taking action, you will consciously shape your personal and professional development and turn life into an interesting voyage of discovery.

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