Rebecca Trouwee

Educational Developer
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Think big, create small

It is my strength to bring people together. In doing so, Bildung is important because self-development is one of the most important skills you can have. You get to know yourself better by working on yourself with others. That feeling of "Collective Effervescence" gives me energy.

Bildungtrainer and educational developer

For De Bildung Academie I work on designing educational programs or facilitate team sessions or workshops as a trainer and speaker. Previously, for example, I collaborated in advising 'Copenhagen Business School' to integrate more Bildung into the education of that institution. Now I am involved as educational developer and trainer in the Peer-To-Peer program at the Free University of Amsterdam.

Truly different from their own educational programs

I found it very impressive and interesting to work with De Bildung Academie on the 'Reclaim the Campus' program during the COVID-19 period. We used various different formats and partners to reclaim the campus. I'm also proud of 'Mind Studio,' which we have now transferred to the VU. This program is specifically for medical students, where I see that personal development is of great importance. We worked with a lot of creative formats that were truly different from their regular curriculum.

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