Michiel Tolman

Director De Bildung Academie
Relationship Management Companies
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Giving every individual, group or organization access to Bildung

It is Michiel's strength to develop bildung programs in challenging situations, engage different stakeholders in the process and jointly achieve goals in an effective and efficient manner.

His dream? To give every individual, group or organization access to Bildung by developing scalable and accessible bildung programs. A co-founder and member of the European Bildung Network, he is already working hard to achieve this by putting the bildung philosophy on the map internationally and working with universities such as those in Uruguay and South Korea.

Michiel's role at The Bildung Academy

Together with a team of students, faculty, professionals and scholars, he has put the academy on the map within educational institutions, community initiatives and organizations.

As director, consultant, educational innovator, Michiel is daily involved in realizing Bildung in education, society and business. He is also a member of the New Amsterdam Council, an independent advisory board of 45 young experts that advises on urban issues.

Acting on core values and purposeful vision for the future

As a coach, Michiel is known as a warm person with a genuine interest and question driven approach. He helps you make conscious choices by acting from your core values and a purposeful vision of the future.

Michiel also speaks regularly at lectures on the sustainable realization of Bildung as an ideal, method or organizational mode.

Something is missing in education

After completing his bachelor's in political science and master's in international relations, Michiel Tolman experienced a certain lack in education. A missing sense of an environment in which students could truly develop themselves fully and consciously and actively shape their relationship to the world. This is why he and other students and faculty founded The Bildung Academy in early 2015.

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