Joost Verdonkschot

Bildung coach and trainer
Education Professional
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In school we learn a lot, but we also learn a lot not

For me, Bildung stands for broad development and getting to know and use your full potential. For each person, this is a unique process. At school, we learn a lot, but we also don't learn a lot, nor can we explore all the areas that we might find interesting at the time that suits our development. For me, 21st century university is the place where this personal development process where this is possible. With my expertise and experience, I am happy to contribute to this.


I currently work in education and the social field with youth, adult families and professionals. Recently I also started working as a coach at The Bildung Academy!

My personal crisis of meaning led me into teaching

I was trained as a business economist. Once I started working, I noticed that I was missing something in the commercial world I was in. I felt no fulfillment and felt that my work had no meaning other than making money for the company I worked for. The search that followed this personal crisis of meaning eventually led me into education. I spent 10 years in front of a classroom in secondary education in Amsterdam. In all that time the question: why am I doing this? did not once occur to me. I loved working with young people and guiding them in their development. I found out that I especially like the individual guidance of young people and colleagues. This was the reason for me to start working as an independent trainer and coach after ten years. For the coaching work I have been trained extensively at Phoenix Opleidingen. I also have extensive experience with Insight Meditation (Vipassana) as a practitioner and as a facilitator.

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