Coaching for organizations

Personal well-being helps effective performance

As an employer, you believe that the personal-professional development of your people leads to better results.

Whether it's developing motivation and willpower, customer empathy or stress management, Bildung helps your people and organization work on organizational issues in a meaningful way.

The qualities of our coaches

In a confidential and professionally supervised environment, the professional has the space to reflect and work on changes in awareness, attitude and behavior. Through our diverse pool of coaches and careful matching process, we find a coach that fits the employee.

Our coaches: 

  • Have received relevant coaching training and have extensive experience working in professional and educational settings.
  • Depart not from unnecessary psychologizing, but from a fresh and realistic optimism without losing depth.
  • Invest in building a good coach-coachee relationship. This is crucial to the effectiveness of the coaching process.
The Bildung Network

Bildung coaching

Personalized coaching program

Start: need and relationship

Together with the coachee, we identify personal learning goals, questions and development points. During the process, the coachee is given room to steer.


Using various forms of work such as socratic dialogue, dynamic judgment and "risky experiments," we shape the course.

Structural meeting

A program takes an average of six to nine months to complete. One to two one-hour sessions take place each month: online and in person.

End: personal development as an ongoing process

We strive for personal development that stays, and we work with the coachee to find the balance between deep reflection and concrete changes in attitude and behavior.

Some of our training offerings

Adapted to current organizational issues

people of bildung


The art of storytelling is ancient and just as relevant today. Using various techniques, teams learn to better express themselves in ways that make an impact.

members of bildung


Optimize opportunities. Determine desired and actual professionalism as a team and identify growth opportunities to perform more effectively.

members of bildung

Motivation and willpower

A scientific approach to intrinsic motivation with translation to practice. Get control of willpower and discover what you need as a team to be successful.

members of bildung


This proven preventive approach to burnout gives professionals the space to discover how their work can better match their qualities and needs.

members of bildung

Meaning and work 

Without meaning, you eventually get stuck. This training leads to a renewed energy around your work by going inward and re-focusing on what is the essence for you.

members of bildung

Improvisational ability

Professionals who are stuck: practicing improvisation can create a new flow in your team, allowing you to face challenges with new energy and fun.

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Experiences of coachees


(Junior) Environmental manager & service designer

My coach understands very well what startups go through and what is needed. I found it difficult to be productive, through a combination of insights and exercises I started working much smarter and faster.


Financial management consultant

The sessions helped me gain insight into my behavioral patterns and their consequences in the workplace. I learned how to communicate more clearly with my colleagues. As a result, I work more efficiently and experience less pressure.‍


Project management & assistant project manager

I feel stronger as a person. At first I was fighting deadlines and stress, now I experience pride in my own actions and achievements. I think every starter has some form of insecurity and this has made me more confident in a professional sense.‍

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Examples of collaborations

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Our bildung coaches

A coach that suits your employee

Learn more about the background and expertise of our various coaches.

Tiffany Gritzalis

Project coordinator and Bildung coach
Applied Psychologist
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Dylan Vianen

Board De Bildung Academie
Education Relationship Management
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Michiel Tolman

Director De Bildung Academie
Relationship Management Companies
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Fatima Bouddokar

Bildung coach and trainer
Diversity & inclusion
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Joost Verdonkschot

Bildung coach and trainer
Education Professional
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Zelah Dorrestijn

Bildung coach and trainer
Psychosocial Therapist
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Personal and non-committal

Plan introduction

We understand that it can be nice to spar about your needs and development questions.

Schedule a personal, no-obligation meeting by clicking on an available date in the calendar. Then we will be happy to help answer your questions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which coaching is the best fit for my organizational issue and employees?

In consultation, we identify issues and challenges that are urgent in your organization and determine the design of the coaching process for your team and employees.

What are the costs?

Depending on the type and length of the coaching program it costs between 1500,- and 3950,- euro. Should multiple coaching trajectories be taken, it is possible to get a discount.

What is Bildung?

Bildung is actively, consciously, and ethically relating to your inner self, others, and the world. It represents the ideal that people develop themselves as broadly and fully as possible and take on social responsibility.

We have been inspired by the ideas of classic bildungsdenkers such as Wilhelm von Humboldt (1767 - 1835) and Theodor Adorno (1903-1969), but also by contemporary thinkers such as Gert Biesta, Martha Nussbaum and Roman Krznaric.

‍Readmore about Bildung and our genesis

Can I combine coaching with training?

This is indeed quite possible. Through training, certain competencies can land team-wide. This can then be further deepened during coaching.

What happens after the collaboration?

We invite organizations with whom we collaborate to The Bildung Network. A collective of people and organizations with the will to be socially responsible in connection with themselves and others. Together we build the university of the 21st century: representing the ideal of education, learning & development.

The Bildung Network means for your organization, among other things: 

  • New talent: build relationships with future employees, trainers or coaches
  • Visibility: be visible within our talent pool and business network
  • Positioning: strengthen your positioning in terms of social engagement and personal development.
  • Business network: exchange best practices, build coalitions, and leverage related opportunities

Read more about The Bildung Network here.

What is The Bildung Academy?

De Bildung Academie develops programs and offers training, coaching and consulting around personal-professional development and social responsibility. 

In our ideal world, we bring as many people as possible into contact with themselves and connect them with others. As a collective, they tackle personal and societal challenges.

That is why we are building the university of the 21st century. We do this together with The Bildung Network: a community consisting of new generations of students and (young) professionals, teachers, artists, scientists and organizations within the public sector, education and sustainable business.