Leonie Moraal

Bildung guide
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I missed depth in self-development, space for own initiative and face to face with today's challenges

I myself studied at university and although I learned a wonderful profession, I missed the deepening for myself in self-development, space for own initiative and interpretation, really being face to face with the challenges of today and the space to fully use my talents and potential in this. Being challenged and stimulated in this and thus also helping people to be more in touch with themselves and the world around them is therefore something I am very happy to contribute to. Exactly what I get to do at The Bildung Academy.

Program guide Halfjaarprogramma and bildung coach

I have the privilege of mentoring Het Halfjaarprogramma, where young talent from various fields, cities, and educational backgrounds come together. It's truly a gift to witness and contribute to their growth. From being uncertain, somewhat hesitant, and in search of direction, I see them evolve into individuals who follow their ambitions, discover their values, recognize their talents, and use them. They learn to embrace and confront resistance, which leads to tremendous personal growth. Additionally, I also work as a coach at De Bildung Academie

Own business in garden and food forest design

I studied psychology and business administration at the University of Amsterdam. First I worked for a period as an (innovation) strategy consultant for several corporates and then I started my own company in garden and food forest design. I now do this combined with training and coaching work in the field of personal leadership. For this I have also been doing a coaching course for several years now.

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