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Bildung for Teachers

5 hours p/m

You feel that education can be so much more. You want to really touch your pupils and students and be touched by them. Not just focus on grades, but teach young people to give direction to their lives together with others and to bear social responsibility.

During the Bildung voor Docenten course, you experiment with new skills, attitudes, knowledge and behavior together with other teachers from secondary schools, vocational schools, universities of applied sciences and universities across the country.

What is Bildung for Teachers?

In brief

For teachers of vo, mbo, hbo and wo

This program is for teachers and lecturers in secondary education, vocational education, higher vocational education and higher education, who have the desire to increase their focus on person formation and social responsibility in their personal and professional lives. Specific prior knowledge is not required.

Getting started with Bildung

Bildung provides young people with the attitudes and competencies to consciously and actively relate to themselves, each other and the world. Using interactive methods, we explore what Bildung means to you as a teacher and how you can get started with it.

Eight meetings in six months

The program consists of eight physical meetings of three hours spread over six months and takes place at one of De Bildung Academie's (partner) locations in Amsterdam. The exact location will follow and depends on the number of participants.

Innovative education in practice

You will be introduced to inspiring examples of bildung education and important pedagogical and didactic bildung principles. This way you develop yourself as a professional teacher and you discover new opportunities within your organization as a colleague, employee and change agent.

More information about this program?

The program in 1 minute

Bildung for Teachers

The program

What does the program look like and what will I learn?

In this course you and other change-minded teachers will explore what Bildung means to you and how to make it concrete within your teaching. Here we focus on four dimensions:

Module: Bildung as a contemporary ideal

What does this dimension entail?

This dimension revolves around developing and being able to articulate one's own vision of Bildung as a crucial component of contemporary education. We explore the relationship between Bildung and current educational terms such as citizenship, student welfare and 21st century skills along with pressing
challenges such as polarization and digitalization in the classroom. ‍‍

Issues we explore together include:

What is the origin of the bildung ideal? What is the meaning of Bildung in this day and age? And why is it perhaps more important now than ever?

Module: Bildung as an educational practice

What does this dimension entail?

Bildung requires new education. This dimension focuses on the translation of Bildung as an ideal into everyday teaching. You get to know important didactic and pedagogical principles of Bildung, learn about practical examples and connect knowledge and experience from, for example, the arts, business, sports, science and coaching with your teaching practice. You experiment within your own lessons with your personal learning questions and new insights gained; learning by doing.‍

Issues we explore together include:

‍Howdo you guide young people to develop their empathic, expressive, ethical and creative abilities? How do you provide inspiration and motivation to your students?

Module: Bildung as an organizational principle

What does this dimension entail?

‍Bildungis best served by an integral approach, not something that takes place within one separate subject or a small working group. This dimension deals with the question of what must be present within an educational organization to make Bildung a reality. You develop yourself within your role as a subject teacher and as a colleague, employee and change agent.

‍Questionswe explore together include:

What does Bildung require from principals and colleagues? What practical and formal conditions must be met to make Bildung a living practice? What opportunities do you see within your institution?

Closing: Your own Bildung

What does this dimension entail?

‍ForBildung, practice what you preach. Therefore, this dimension focuses on your values, talents, qualities and pitfalls. Your own Bildung. You examine your formation as a teacher and determine what goals you want to set for yourself after the course.

‍Questionswe explore together include:

‍Whoor what shaped you into the teacher you are today? What is your original motivation for going into teaching? Where are the boundaries of your comfort zone and how often do you dare to go beyond them in your teaching?

Location and date

Where it takes place

Physical locations

The program will take place at one of De Bildung Academie's (partner) locations in Amsterdam. The exact location will follow and depends on the number of participants.

Start and end date

We will announce more information around the next edition of the Bildung for Teachers curriculum soon! Leave your details to be the first to know.

What you get out of it

Personal and open education

During this course there is plenty of room for your own input. Based on your needs, questions and challenges, we will help shape this program. Inspiration, awareness and experience are central.

Inspiration from different disciplines

Bildung is transdisciplinary, experiential and emphasizes the connection of theory and practice. During the program, guest experts from various social fields such as politics, science or art bring new perspectives to look at your teaching role and education

Your bildung potential

You will develop your own informed vision of Bildung and learn about ways in which you can contribute to the person formation and social awareness of your pupils or students, from the various teaching roles you fulfill.

Realization of new education

After this course you are aware of the contribution you can make and you know how to use opportunities in realizing bildung education within your organization as educational professional, colleague and change agent.

Connecting with change-minded teachers

You connect with a network of bildung-driven people in which you gain inspiration and exchange experiences or best practices that will continue to enrich your teaching practice and personal-professional development.

Trainers and guest lecturers

Get inspired

A bildung trainer from The Bildung Academy will guide you during the course in terms of content and organization. In addition, guest experts from The Bildung Network make an inspiring contribution. We operate in education, science, art, the public sector and sustainable business.

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Our alumni
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10% discount if you pay it all at once

1225 p.m.

Schedule info call

Is this the program for you?

If you want to join the program or if you're interested but haven't had all your questions answered, schedule your personal information session of 15 minutes.

During this session, we'll make sure to address all your questions and provide you with more details about the application process.

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Unfortunately, the registration period has expired.

Would you like to receive updates around this program and the next registration deadline? Then leave your email and we'll keep you informed!

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the program?

Here you can read the most frequently asked questions about Bildung for Teachers.

What is the intensity of the program?

The program consists of eight three-hour physical meetings over six months. In addition to the meetings, you will spend about two to three hours between each meeting completing preparatory assignments and reading/reviewing in-depth resources and materials.

Where does the program take place?

The program will take place at one of De Bildung Academie's (partner) locations in Amsterdam. The exact location will follow and depends on the number of participants.

Will you receive a certificate?

Upon completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of participation if:

  • You have attended at least seven of the eight meetings.
  • You have completed all assignments in a timely and complete manner.

Is this program also possible as a 1-on-1 track or as an organizational track?

1-on-1 track
Join a Bildung professional to connect the four Bildung dimensions to your teaching practice and work on your personal-professional development. You can also follow the Bildung for Teachers course as a 1-on-1 course, please contact us.

Organizational track
You can also take the Bildung for Teachers course together with colleagues. Connect the Bildung dimensions directly to your organizational culture, challenges and practices. Feel free to contact us, and together we will explore what makes a track of added value for you and your organization.

What is Bildung?

Bildung is actively, consciously, and ethically relating to your inner self, others, and the world. It represents the ideal that people develop themselves as broadly and fully as possible and take on social responsibility.

We have been inspired by the ideas of classic bildungsdenkers such as Wilhelm von Humboldt (1767 - 1835) and Theodor Adorno (1903-1969), but also by contemporary thinkers such as Gert Biesta, Martha Nussbaum and Roman Krznaric.

‍Readmore about Bildung and our genesis

What are the exact program dates?

Unfortunately, the fall edition of this program is no longer available. We will soon announce more information surrounding the next edition of the Bildung for Teachers curriculum!

What does the application process look like?

  1. Personal information session
    Enthusiastic? Then schedule a personal information session for the Bildung for Teachers course in which we get to know you and explore whether the program suits you.
  2. Matching
    After your informational interview, another matching interview (25 - 30 min.) will take place if necessary, during which we will have extensive time to explore whether your learning needs match the program.
  3. Learning Agreement
    Is there a match? Then you will receive the education agreement and after signing it, you are officially admitted to the program.

What are the costs?

The total cost of this course is € 2450 (excluding VAT). It is possible to pay the amount at once or in two installments.

What happens after the program?

After attending a program, we invite you to join The Bildung Network. A collective of people and organizations with the will to be socially responsible in connection with themselves and others. Together we are building the university of the 21st century: representing the ideal of education, learning & development

The Bildung Network offers you: 

  • The opportunity to contribute with your input to building new education and development programs.
  • Access to innovative ideas and creative forms of work on personhood from our living manifesto
  • Informed of new programs for you as a participant, trainer or coach
  • Assignments and vacancies at affiliated organizations

Read more about The Bildung Network here.

What is The Bildung Academy?

De Bildung Academie develops programs and offers training, coaching and consulting around personal-professional development and social responsibility. 

In our ideal world, we bring as many people as possible into contact with themselves and connect them with others. As a collective, they tackle personal and societal challenges.

That is why we are building the university of the 21st century. We do this together with The Bildung Network: a community consisting of new generations of students and (young) professionals, teachers, artists, scientists and organizations within the public sector, education and sustainable business.

Do you want to look further?

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Bildung Halfjaarprogramma

Free of charge
11 hours p/w

Engaged with yourself, other students or young professionals you work on your personal-professional development and social challenges for six months.