Durk Gardenier

Board De Bildung Academie
Public Sector Relationship Management
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Concrete solutions to complex issues within the (semi) public sector

Durk Gardenier is one of the founders of The Bildung Academy and a member of the executive board. At the beginning of its foundation, his responsibilities included the development and supervision of the Digitalization module in the Bildung Semi-Annual Program.

Since the beginning of 2017, he has been involved as a Bildung consultant in concretely solving complex issues for clients within the (semi-)public sector. He does this by giving advice, supporting in projects and developing educational programs.

Focus on making mutual connection and bringing together perspectives in society

Among other things, Durk has been an initiator of the Overbruggen in Amsterdam festival, building a bridge between the mbo, hbo and wo levels of education with the aim of bringing the often separate educational groups together already during their studies. He has also been involved with the City of Amsterdam in the creation of the leadership program Ambassadors of Amsterdam. This is a program that focuses on the personal development of young people in Amsterdam and the creation of a community.

Since completing his studies in Political Science at the University of Amsterdam, Durk Gardenier has been supporting (semi-)public organizations with the integration of Bildung as an ideal, method or organizational method.

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