Dylan Vianen

Board De Bildung Academie
Education Relationship Management
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Good education teaches you to shape the world and yourself

Bildung, to me, is the core of good education. Knowledge and skills only come alive when they take root in your own person, only gain meaning when they are connected to the people and the world around you. Good education is about more than learning to participate in society as it is and do what is expected. It teaches you to shape the world and yourself. This is not only highly necessary, but intrinsically valuable.

For me, building the 21st century university is the way to make that education concrete. Translating Bildung as an ideal into everyday lessons. Because to me, education is first and foremost educational practice: How can we, within the given circumstances and with (sometimes) scarce resources, realize the most meaningful learning? Not just think Bildung is important, but make it important.

Board member and responsible for collaborations with education

I am a member of the executive board of The Bildung Academy and primarily responsible for our collaborations with educational institutions at home and abroad. In the role of advisor, educational developer, trainer and project leader I work on the (further) development of Bildung- or Bildung-related educational programs for various target groups.

I am also active at The Bildung Academy as coach, speaker, chairman and I am available to give workshops or guest lectures.

Involved since the very beginning

As one of its founders, I have been involved with The Bildung Academy since the very beginning. In the first years of the academy, I was primarily responsible for the coordination, guidance and quality assurance of our educational offerings in-house. Since 2016, I have been responsible for our collaborations with other educational institutions. In addition to my activities at the academy, I regularly act as an interviewer, moderator and chairperson for the day. My educations: WO Bachelor of Philosophy (Cum Laude), University of Amsterdam and WO Master of Philosophy (Cum Laude), University of Amsterdam.

Educational developer and consultant

In recent years, I have had the opportunity to contribute to many programs and projects. For example, as an educational developer I have been involved in the realization of the A Broader Mind Course: a university-wide, blended program around personal and societal challenges of the Vrije Universiteit. Another example is The New School Amsterdam, where I am active as an advisor to help further strengthen their rich Bildung practice together with a team of staff, teachers and students.

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