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February 2024
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Are you an enthusiastic and experienced trainer in the field of personal development and addressing societal challenges? Do you have a keen eye for coordinating programs and building collaborations? Then we invite you to join our team!

About De Bildung Academie

‍Inour ideal world, as many people as possible are in touch with themselves and in connection with others. As a collective, they address personal-professional and societal challenges. To achieve that, together with our network, we are building the university of the 21st century: the ideal image of education, learning and development(read more 'about us' here).

At The Bildung Academy we work on various projects, ranging from consultancy jobs at the Police Academy to programs for OC&W in which we get MBO, HBO and WO students to work collectively on personal and social challenges. Together with our extensive network of clients, trainers, teachers, alumni and coaches we build an inspiring and inclusive learning environment.


  • Develop and provide training on personal development and meeting social challenges.
  • Coordinate programs and collaborate with various stakeholders.
  • Trainer-coordinator of at least two of our programs: Ambassadors of Amsterdam (in cooperation with the Ministry of OCW) and MBO Denktank (in cooperation with the City of Amsterdam).
  • Possibly contribute to business development and initiate collaborations from your own network.

Who we are looking for

  • Demonstrated experience and expertise in delivering training, preferably with a portfolio full of training such as Theory U, Deep Democracy, Dynamic Judgment and others.
  • A reasoned vision of what development is and can be.
  • Being able to apply various forms of work and methods.
  • Feeling for our primary target groups, MBO, HBO and WO and (Young) Professionals between 16 and 35 years old.
  • Training and coaching at the intersection of personal, professional development and team dynamics.
  • Flexibility to work between 3 and 5 days per week by mutual agreement.
  • Normative professionalism to guide your work within team and organizational frameworks.
  • Preferably we are looking for someone in the Randstad area, partly because experience shows that it is nice not to live too far away from each other.

What we offer

  • Advancement opportunities: we offer you the opportunity to grow and play a role within the development and implementation of various interesting Bildung programs and collaborations in the future;
  • Salary indication between €3000 and €4000 gross per full-time fte, depending on experience and expertise.
  • Opportunity to discuss higher salary with demonstrated business development skills and bringing in collaborations.
  • Working toward and from an ideal in an energetic organization
  • High degree of latitude to design work based on own professionalism;
  • Ability to work ⅓ of the time at home, ⅓ at the client's office and ⅓ at our office.
  • Lots of room for creativity and ideas, especially at the interface between education, social issues and personal education
  • Working with a close-knit coordination team, passionate faculty and interesting professionals


‍Enthusiastic? Then send your CV and short motivation (may be in text or video) to We look forward to your application and the opportunity to work together on the growth and development of the 21st century university!


‍Sendin your application before February 29. The sooner you submit, the sooner we can start the interview together in case of a right match.

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Enthusiastic? Apply immediately!

Is this role right for you? Please email to would love to meet you.

Mail can be sent to