Wiek Huibers

Bildung guide
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Translating your talent into action

I wish everyone to learn about themselves, about who you are and how you were formed, as well as what you can do and how to put it to use. My participation in the six-month program helped me a lot in thinking about my answers to these questions and, in addition, made me realize the value of this thinking, which is to translate talent into action. I think it is important that anyone who feels the need to reflect on their own answers to these questions is given the space to do so, especially if it means that people then have time to think about how they can contribute to society as a whole.

Guide and project coordinator

I work for De Bildung Academie as a guide for Het Halfjaarprogramma and as a Project Coordinator for Grensverleggers. After participating in Het Halfjaarprogramma myself, I now get to work as a guide! I enjoy contributing to the beautiful program.

Also experience as a teacher coach, administrator and author

I studied technical business administration, but because I have always been very broadly interested, I was always busy with a whole host of other things during my studies. For example, I devoted myself to a youth housing foundation in Utrecht as chairman. I finished my studies in 2021 and since then I have been doing all kinds of things. For example, I have experience as a teacher coach, project coordinator, administrator and co-author and publisher of a vegan cookbook. The best part is that all these things also make me super enthusiastic!

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