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Special Feature Bildung

Special Feature Bildung

A Distinguishing Feature for Higher Education

You don't believe in just training students to the agreed upon learning outcomes. You want them to be socially engaged and able to independently form their own perspectives on social issues.

That they make choices that suit them. That they are self-aware: understanding who they are, what moves them and why. And that - once graduated - they think and act in connection with themselves, the people around them and with society.

The Special Feature Bildung

By obtaining the independent Special Mark of Bildung, you show that this is the case in your program. Programs in Dutch higher education can use this to profile themselves on aspects such as orientation, specific objectives or character.

Together with the evaluation agency for higher education AeQui and The New School Amsterdam, we have developed an aid tool for the Bijzonder Kenmerk Bildung.

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