Bildung advises

Bildung is a valuable addition to various educational and organisational issues.

In order to realise this value in as many places as possible, we translate our broad knowledge and experience with personal and social development into one-off or long-term consulting projects.

60+ organisations and teaching practices advised

This includes reorganising an entrepreneurial platform for hbo students, formulating recommendations regarding the vision on Dutch art education and a critical friend role in the mbo-practice "Brede Vorming".

Bildung enriches, sharpens and broadens

Whether it concerns the (further) development of an educational module or the formulation of new strategic policy; working on new ways of learning and organising is often accompanied by challenges and requires critical and stimulating input "from outside".

Insight into the experiences of others helps to sharpen one's own ambitions and to be able to connect to the latest developments in the field. We bring this 'outside' knowledge and experience into our consultancy work.

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Understanding yourself and the world around you
From the very first moment, there was a connection and a likemindedness about what education should mean and offer: giving young people insights into themselves and the world around them, creating awareness and stimulating social awareness and responsibility.

We worked together with an open attitude, decisiveness and thinking in terms of possibilities. This is how I see the experience with The Bildung Academy.
Tamara Beukeboom
Teacher Pedagogy | ROC van Amsterdam

Bildung as an ideal, a method and a way of organisation

In our consultancy work, we share our expertise on Bildung as an ideal, method and organisation. We do this in the form of traditional consultations, but also through targeted interventions or the use of activating work forms such as Theory U, Empathic Drafting or Design Thinking.

In order to combine forces among like-minded people, we also establish connections with other relevant initiatives and key figures within our European network.

In addition to our expertise on the subject, our advisory strength lies mainly in understanding the underlying problems or opportunities within a project, enthusing those involved and having a creative and flexible attitude.

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