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Personalized coaching programs for graduate students within construction and infrastructure.

4 Personalized coaching programs

20+ Détachées

We have already strengthened more than 20 détachées in their self-knowledge, autonomy, expression and purpose.

15+ Coachees

We are currently assisting 15 coaches in the current coaching program.

The question

The question

How can we grow our détachées in personal development and meeting professional challenges?

The solution

The solution

An in-depth practice-based coaching program.


Not enough intrinsic motivation

Generation seconds students, starters and project professionals in integrated project management within the public domain. Finding a good connection between secondments and practice organizations is a challenge within the secondment industry. Based on the personal relationship with detachées, Generation believes it is important to ensure that things go well in the workplace. However, they can't help them figure out who they are and what they find important in life. As a result, some secondees leave after three-quarters of a year, because they do not feel enough intrinsic motivation for their work.

The question

Personal and professional growth

Generation understands that the soft skills of (recently graduated) students can still improve, such as conversation skills, resilience and tact. They see an opportunity to distinguish themselves from other secondment agencies.

In doing so, Generation wants to make an active contribution to the professional and personal development of its secondees based on its own idealism. Initially, there was a desire to develop an educational program, which we then converted into a coaching program.

The solution

An in-depth practice-driven coaching program

In the end, we developed an in-depth practice-driven coaching program. In this coaching process, different methods, assignments, tests and working methods are used. The process consists of nine months in which a bildung coach and coachee meet (online) twice a month.

Currently, about 15 coachees are participating in the coaching program to further shape their personal and professional development.

The result

Increasing mental well-being

Through Generation's coaching program, the well-being of secondees is increased, mismatches can be reduced and they know how to bind detachees better and in the longer term.

On the other hand, détachées get to know themselves better and become more communicative. In doing so, they grow in their pro-activity and personal leadership style. They also become more effective by having a clear goal in mind that is worked towards constructively.

The Bildung Network

Strengthening our proposition

Our collaboration has become an important extension for the development of the people working with us. Additionally, it strengthens our proposition towards recently graduated individuals and clients.

Leonard Hoek

Owner | Generation

Experiences of other organizations

Fatima El Amrani

Program manager | Municipality of Amsterdam

Working together with you and other stakeholders, De Bildung Academie knows how to create a close-knit team and bring together different perspectives. They are accessible, open, and have consistently demonstrated a critical forward-thinking approach based on the principles behind our leadership program.

Govert Buijs

Philosopher and Professor | Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Connecting to the students' life experiences is important and essential for the success of education. This is precisely what De Bildung Academie does. At the same time, they provide a vision for personal development, new forms of education, and quality.

Koen Vos

Practor Brede Vorming | ROC Friese Poort

De Bildung Academie is capable of asking critical questions at the right moment because, before you know it, the true purpose of education is once again overshadowed. They assist us in creating the underlying foundations for that and continue to act as a critical friend.

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