Municipality of Amsterdam

The Ambassadors of Amsterdam program focuses on talent development of young people and fostering connections in a super-diverse city.


150+ participants

More than 150 participating young people with bicultural backgrounds between the ages of 18 and 25 with different levels of education (mbo, hbo and wo) from all parts of the city.

Developing talents

Within 9 weeks, young people develop their own initiative based on what they want to preserve, renew or change in their neighborhood, city or area.

Co-creation with young people

Young people help build. From the initial design process to testing and further development, 40+ young people are intensively involved.

7+ editions

Since 2019, we have already completed 7 successful editions of the Ambassadors of Amsterdam program with more than 50 youth-designed initiatives.

The question

The question

How do you strengthen dialogue and connection between Amsterdam youth, neighborhood residents and diverse communities?

The solution

The solution

A nine-week talent development program in which participants realize their own initiative for society.


The super-diverse city

At this time, it is important that young people learn to relate to life in a super-diverse city of minorities. To be meaningful, it is necessary for young people to develop faith in themselves and their environment. Especially young people who do not have the same opportunity to do so or who have sometimes lost that faith.

The question

How do you strengthen dialogue and connection?

We were asked to develop a program aimed at young people with a bicultural background, various levels of education (mbo, hbo and wo) from all districts in Amsterdam.

In this we were responsible for the implementation, further development and safeguarding of the program. We did this in co-creation with Amsterdam youth.

The solution

Participants realize their own initiative

Through this program, we provide young people with the skills and encourage confidence in themselves to realize their ideas for the immediate environment in collaboration with others.

Young people engage in dialogue and connection with each other and also with local residents and diverse communities in the city. They discover new perspectives and strengthen the community in a sustainable way.

The result

More than 150 participants and initiatives

Since 2019, we ran 7 editions, in which more than 150 young people participated who together developed 50 different initiatives. From an urban cleanup campaign to a "feel safe" sticker, allowing people to ring the doorbell of someone with such a sticker late at night in suspicious situations.

The Bildung Network

Bringing together different perspectives

Working together with you and other stakeholders, De Bildung Academie knows how to create a close-knit team and bring together different perspectives. They are accessible, open, and have consistently demonstrated a critical forward-thinking approach based on the principles behind our leadership program.

Fatima El Amrani

Program manager | Municipality of Amsterdam

Experiences of other organizations

Annemieke Rijke

Advisor | Partner Buitenboordmotor

The Bildung Academy knows how to use methods and exercises to get people to step out of their comfort zone. People who move to another sector often have to accept a lower salary. The module brought an important awareness in this.

Govert Buijs

Philosopher and Professor | Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Connecting to the students' life experiences is important and essential for the success of education. This is precisely what De Bildung Academie does. At the same time, they provide a vision for personal development, new forms of education, and quality.

Leonard Hoek

Owner | Generation

Our collaboration has become an important extension for the development of the people working with us. Additionally, it strengthens our proposition towards recently graduated individuals and clients.

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