Bottom-up program VU

A bottom-up program focused on eight interdisciplinary themes with an emphasis on comprehensive personal development and societal challenges.


100+ committed people

More than 100 students, faculty and staff work bottom-up under our guidance to create innovative education.

1600+ alumni

The result is a program focusing on eight interdisciplinary and social themes with now more than 1,600 alumni from various undergraduate programs.

150+ trained guides

In addition, more than 150 senior year students were trained as program guides to mentor younger year students and continually develop the program.

The question

The question

How do we develop a scalable curriculum for all undergraduate students around personal development and dealing with major social issues?

The solution

The solution

Coordinate and supervise a building process in which students, faculty and staff work to create innovative education.


Broad personal education

The Vrije Universiteit (VU) is a socially engaged research university with more than 50 undergraduate and 100 graduate programs. The VU wants to provide its students with broad personal (academic) education, because as a university, how do you send people into society?

They find it important that students not only become "something," but also "someone." There is also a demand for this from the workforce. In fact, companies and institutions have a growing interest in people who combine good professional knowledge with social commitment.

The question

A scalable educational program

The VU had the ambition to develop a sustainable and scalable program around personal development and dealing with social issues. To fit well with students' lifestyles, the program has a digital character and is guided by senior students.

A program within which students can talk meaningfully to each other, make conscious choices and weigh interests. The goal, then, is to further shape students' personal development, academic exploration and social awareness. This calls for "A Broader Mind."

The solution

Coordination in educational innovation

Starting from a vision, clear frameworks and a plan of action, since 2017 more than 100 students, faculty and staff worked under our guidance to create innovative education. With blended modules such as sustainability, resistance, success & failure.

Senior year students were trained as program guides to mentor younger year students and continuously evolve the program. In this way, the education remains connected to students' lives. After all, it truly remains of and for students.

The result

More than 150 participants and 50 initiatives

Together with all stakeholders, we helped create an innovative, scalable and highly rated educational program for VU and possibly other universities. Created a 40-hour program focusing on eight interdisciplinary and social themes. The program is 50% physical and 50% digital, making it easily scalable and flexible to be followed by students with different schedules.

The Bildung Network

Connecting to students' lifestyles

Connecting to the students' life experiences is important and essential for the success of education. This is precisely what De Bildung Academie does. At the same time, they provide a vision for personal development, new forms of education, and quality.

Govert Buijs

Philosopher and Professor | Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Experiences of other organizations

Koen Vos

Practor Brede Vorming | ROC Friese Poort

De Bildung Academie is capable of asking critical questions at the right moment because, before you know it, the true purpose of education is once again overshadowed. They assist us in creating the underlying foundations for that and continue to act as a critical friend.

Fatima El Amrani

Program manager | Municipality of Amsterdam

Working together with you and other stakeholders, De Bildung Academie knows how to create a close-knit team and bring together different perspectives. They are accessible, open, and have consistently demonstrated a critical forward-thinking approach based on the principles behind our leadership program.

Leonard Hoek

Owner | Generation

Our collaboration has become an important extension for the development of the people working with us. Additionally, it strengthens our proposition towards recently graduated individuals and clients.

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