MBO breeding ground ROC Friese Poort

An mbo hub that promotes the holistic development of education professionals and students and encourages bildung initiatives.


10+ bildung iniatives

With a voucher scheme, students independently undertake initiatives, such as cultural activities, to encourage broad education.

Customization for education professionals

A menu has been developed for educational professionals that allows them to follow different activities for inspiration or support to achieve broad education.

Publication as a concrete handle

This publication provides perspectives and help questions that educational professionals can use to get started on their own.

The question

The question

How do we initiate a movement in which we inspire educational professionals and students of ROC Friese Poort to work together to give substance to broad education?

The solution

The solution

A combination of demand- and supply-driven work in which we develop and devise various initiatives.


Broad education firmly on the agenda

ROC Friese Poort is a large ROC with multiple locations in Friesland. In total, ROC Friese Poort provides vocational education for approximately 15,000 students. Besides learning a trade, ROC Friese Poort sees it as their social mission to train students to become agile, empathetic, enterprising people who dare to act with value. In recent years, broad education has become increasingly firmly placed on the school's agenda.

The question

Getting education professionals and students to work together

Established the Broad Education Practorate in 2018, with the mission to contribute to the development of the MBO in the field of broad education through practical research and innovation. On the one hand, the practorate consists of an incubator with program developers and researchers from both inside and outside the school. On the other hand a workshop with representatives from different locations of ROC Friese Poort who fulfill an inspiring and coordinating role at their own location.

The responsibility of The Bildung Academy within the incubator focuses on the following two questions:

  1. How can we initiate and maintain a movement in which educational professionals and students of ROC Friese Poort together give substance to broad education?
  2. How can we inspire that movement with knowledge and courses of action?

The solution

Combining supply and demand

A combination of demand- and supply-driven work in which we develop and devise various initiatives.

The result

Inspiration to realize broad education

With a voucher scheme, a budget has been exempted for students, with which they can undertake their own initiatives to stimulate broad education. A menu has also been developed for education professionals with which they can follow activities to inspire or realize broad education. With short inspiration sessions, two-day learning courses and customized support for education professionals.

In addition, the publication "Brede Vorming op ROC Friese Poort" has been developed, providing perspectives and questions for help. This enables educational professionals to investigate for themselves how they can and want to work with broad education in their own context.

The Bildung Network

An inspiring collective with critical questions

De Bildung Academie is capable of asking critical questions at the right moment because, before you know it, the true purpose of education is once again overshadowed. They assist us in creating the underlying foundations for that and continue to act as a critical friend.

Koen Vos

Practor Brede Vorming | ROC Friese Poort

Experiences of other organizations

Fatima El Amrani

Program manager | Municipality of Amsterdam

Working together with you and other stakeholders, De Bildung Academie knows how to create a close-knit team and bring together different perspectives. They are accessible, open, and have consistently demonstrated a critical forward-thinking approach based on the principles behind our leadership program.

Leonard Hoek

Owner | Generation

Our collaboration has become an important extension for the development of the people working with us. Additionally, it strengthens our proposition towards recently graduated individuals and clients.

Govert Buijs

Philosopher and Professor | Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Connecting to the students' life experiences is important and essential for the success of education. This is precisely what De Bildung Academie does. At the same time, they provide a vision for personal development, new forms of education, and quality.

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Personal and non-committal

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