Cooperation municipality of Eindhoven

In the leadership program StadsMakers Eindhoven, young people develop personally and socially.


90+ participants

More than 90 young people participating between the ages of 18-30 with different levels of education (mbo, hbo and wo) from all parts of the city.

25+ challenges

Together, participants developed and realized more than 25 community initiatives during the program.

15+ partners

We have worked with more than 15 local partners in a variety of ways.

4+ editions

Since 2022, we have already completed 4 successful editions of the StadsMakers program in Eindhoven.

The question

The question

How do you strengthen dialogue and connection between Eindhoven youth, local residents and diverse communities?

The solution

The solution

A three-month leadership program in which young people develop personally and socially.


At this time, it is important that young people learn to relate to life in a super-diverse city. To be meaningful, it is necessary for young people to develop faith in themselves and their environment. Especially young people who do not have the same opportunity to do so or who have sometimes lost that faith.

The question

We were asked to develop a program aimed at young people with a bicultural background, various levels of education (mbo, hbo and wo) from all districts of Eindhoven.

In this we were responsible for the implementation, further development and assurance of the program. We did this in co-creation with young people from Eindhoven.

The solution

With this program, we offer young people the skills and encourage confidence in themselves to realize their ideas for the immediate environment in cooperation with others.

Young people engage in dialogue and connection with each other and also with local residents and diverse communities in the city. They discover new perspectives and strengthen the community in a sustainable way.

The result

Since 2022, we have run 4 editions, in which more than 90 young people have participated who together have developed 25 different initiatives. From Connect&Create040: an event where young people connect an older people. To The Brainfreeze Club, a monthly evening where young people can discuss mental health in an approachable way.

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