Programme development & support

Development of tailor-made programmes

Everyone deserves space for development.

We develop and improve bildung programmes for pupils, students and professionals.

Broad personal education and a conscious relationship to social developments and challenges are central to this.

Innovative programmes with 2000+ alumni

Such as curiosity classes for high school students, leadership programmes for adolescents or minors and honours courses for university students.

Bildung is an open process

Our ways of living, learning and working are changing rapidly. We are faced with social challenges that literally and figuratively transcend borders, old certainties are falling away and knowledge has an increasingly limited shelf life. This calls for new ways of (lifelong) development.

We work on education that fits in with the times. In co-creation, we connect theory and practice, emphasise 'experience' and 'practice', connect head, heart and hands and work with innovative test and assessment methods.

The result: people who learn to develop their expressive, empathic, ethical and creative capacities and discover how they want to use them with a view to themselves, others and the world around them.

Trainings with a good balance between philosophy and practice
The Bildung Academy has developed training forms with partners for our three-month training course, which is part of the whole process of transition counselling.

The most valuable was the module of money and happiness. They know how to use methods and exercises to get people to step out of their comfort zone and learn new things. People who make a switch to another sector often have to accept a lower salary. The module brought an important awareness to this. After all, how much money is someone's happiness worth?
Annemieke Rijke
Former Director | Outboard

Cutting-edge programmes

Ownership central

Bildung does not have a single approach. Each group of people, place and time requires its own approach. That is why ownership of the learning process is central to our programmes.


We develop the education together with participants and gradually respond to their needs, requirements and ideas. In this way, we stimulate an active learning attitude and ensure that the programmes really connect to the living environment of our participants.

Interdisciplinary approach

We stretch the traditional boundaries of education. We involve various experts from different social fields, such as art, entrepreneurship, sports or politics.

Innovative methods

Ever heard of The Digital Detox, Taboo Bingo or rack classes? If on Monday our students receive a lecture on the theory behind transition processes, on Friday they go on a long weekend boot camp with the Dutch army to experience at first hand what it means to go beyond individual and collective boundaries. This is how we strive for educational programmes at the cutting edge.

A selection of our work

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